WorldWideMarkets collabora con Currenex per portare una piattaforma di livello istituzionale a quei clienti che operano con grandi volumi.


WorldWideMarkets Currenex platform is designed exclusively for larger orders typical of institutional trading, hedge funds, money managers, and individual traders that need a deeper liquidity pool. WorldWideMarkets can also accommodate Trading Advisors (CTA’s, Money Managers) and Introducing Brokers.

Clients have access to aggregated liquidity streams in over 50 currency pairs from a range of significant providers. Our Currenex platform supports 2 methods of connectivity, a single click graphical user interface (GUI) or an application programming interface (API) that utilizes FIX protocol.

Currenex Key Features & Benefits:
  • Deeper Liquidity for Larger Order Sizes
  • Trade Inside the Spread
  • One click trading
  • Low commission, low spread trading
  • Introducing broker and Trading Advisor solutions

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